In An Emergency Dial 9 + 911

In case of emergency, call the Front Desk Dial 0

The Quality Inn is completely equipped with heat and smoke detectors and alarms. Our design, emergency exits and doors all meet the stringent requirements of the New Brunswick Fire Marshal. Our staff have all been trained to handle emergency situations. Although the chance of fire occurring is minimal, just in case . . . please take a few moments to read the following:

Be Prepared:
Read the detailed instructions from the Fire Marshal on the back of your room door. Locate the fire exit nearest to your room. Locate the nearest fire extinguishers and fire alarms. Always know where your room key is.

If The Fire Alarm Sounds Or You Smell Smoke:
Stay calm. Do not panic. Touch the door to your room. If it is hot do not open it. If the door feels normal, open it and check the hallway. If the alarm has not yet sounded, but you smell smoke, sound the alarm. If there is no smoke in the hallway, leave your room. Take your room key with you. Close the door behind you and go to the nearest emergency exit. If there is smoke in the stairwell, go to the opposite end of the hallway or return to your room. Any guests with disabilities should call the desk clerk for assistance.

If You Have To Stay In Your Room:
Fill the bathtub with cold water. Soak sheets and towels and put them around the base of the door. Call the switchboard, tell them your room number and explain that you are staying in your room because of smoke in the hallway or stairwell. If smoke begins to enter your room, crouch down beneath the level of smoke and cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth.

To Prevent Fires:
Do not smoke in bed. Be sure to extinguish all cigarettes and cigars. Do not use any cooking or heating appliances other than those supplied by the hotel. Keep matches out of reach of children.